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About iMerchant

iMerchant International provides processing services to numerous internet merchants and companies of all sizes.

iMerchant International has flexible solutions that: process credit cards, electronic checks, and telephone orders, and work with any business model, including internet, broadband, and wireless companies.

Services for merchants and their customers include:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Membership Site Management and Control
  • Fraud Scrubbing
  • Daily Live Service

iMerchant International provides merchants with PCI compliance. Covered entities comprise all Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, Discover Financial Services, American Express, and JCB members, merchants, and service providers that store, process or transmit cardholder data. PCI regulates point-of-sale, telephone, online, and all other types of transactions.

iMerchant International facilitates merchants every step of the way, from merchant account acquisition to final implementation, training, and deployment.

Our goal is to provide the absolute best transaction processing and call center services that can serve your needs. We are constantly upgrading our systems behind the scenes, developing enhancements at our clients' requests, and launching new programs designed to make their businesses as successful as possible.

iMerchant International's pricing model is unique and rates are determined by individual negotiation based on business profile (e.g. business type, processing volume and demographics).

We are committed to providing flexible ecommerce services to our clients and provide the proper mix of technology and support in order to meet your demand s, as well as to grow and change with your progressive needs. At every phase of your business growth, iMerchant will be able to provide you competitive pricing for the solution which satisfy your needs. Call us today for a consultation.

The US credit card processing industry includes fewer than 500 companies with combined annual revenue under $10 billion. Major companies include First Data Corporation, Total System Services, Global Payments, and Bank of America's BA Merchant Services. The industry is highly concentrated: the top four companies account for 40 percent of industry revenues.

Processors provide transaction services to banks that issue credit cards and to merchants that accept credit card payments. Merchant products include authorizing, capturing, and settling merchants' credit and debit card transactions, and handling chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when a consumer disputes a charge and charges it back to the merchant. Processors also sell or lease point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Card issuer products include transaction authorization and posting, statement generation and printing, and card embossing.

Large processors such as First Data Corporation and Total System Services provide services to both sides of the transaction. Small processors typically offer either merchant or card issuing services, and may specialize in particular vertical markets such as credit unions or retail cards. For every merchant transaction there is a card issuing transaction.

A credit card transaction occurs when a cardholder makes a purchase using a credit card. The merchant swipes the card through a POS terminal, which transmits the card number, amount, and merchant identification number over the processor's electronic network. The information is transmitted to the credit or debit card network, which relays the data to the bank that issued the card. For example, the data goes to Visa or MasterCard for credit transactions; and to STAR, NYCE, or PULSE EFT for debit transactions. The bank then verifies that the cardholder has sufficient funds/credit for the purchase, and sends the merchant an authorization via these same networks. At the end of the day the merchant sends the day's charges in batch to its processor, which sends the information to individual banks for settlement through the Federal Reserve Bank's Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).

The industry handles a high volume of transactions. First Data processes around 20 billion merchant transactions yearly; Total System Services, about 10 billion. First Data had 400 million card accounts from 1,400 credit card issuers in a recent year, and accounts with 4 million merchants. Processors have multiple processing and telecommunications centers across the country. First Data has 95 merchant servicing centers and 10 card issuing centers in the US. Major processing costs include telecommunications expense, personnel, and computer network maintenance.

The industry is technology-based. Transactions occur electronically over the processors' data and communications networks. Constant investment is required in computer and telecommunications equipment to stay abreast of customer demands.

About iMerchant