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Credit Card Processing Software

More and more merchants are taking advantage of the powerful credit card processing software products available to them. There are systems for virtually any type of processing environment from retail stores to websites. All have their advantages, but selecting the right credit card processing software for your business is very important.

Contact one of an iMerchant sales representative today to explore the options available which will best accommodate your credit card processing needs. We will consult with you to develop the most wholesome processing solution and ensure the most flexibility to expand your ecommerce presence and payment processing options.

Payment Processing Gateway

Payment gateways are a type of credit card processing software which is hosted by a third party on a server outside of your business. Your shopping cart, or other payment software, communicates with the payment gateway via the internet and it manages the actual transactions.

iMerchant International provides integration with several payment gateways including:

We also offer our own turn-key solutions, which have all the features, flexibility and compatibility standard to these products.

Whether you have an internet-based business or a mobile business, iMerchant International has your solution.

Ensure you have the right software to support your payment needs. Our expert technical engineers will provide you with your best options.

iMerchant International Financial Services

Due to our long established banking relationships, we are able to provide our clients with a full Paymaster Service second-to-none. iMerchant easily handles incoming commissions and disburses the funds accordingly through our paymaster services. If you are a business looking to decrease accounting costs and simplify bookkeeping and administrative procedures you can use iMerchants Paymaster Services to send funds to vendors, affiliates and customers.

If you are running an affiliate program, you need to pay your affiliates on a regular basis. Let iMerchant help you send payments instantly for less than the cost or writing a check or paying traditional bank wire fees.

iMerchant is able to offer merchants discounts that cannot be found anywhere.

One of the most critical decisions business owners have to make is how they are going to process payments from their website. Entrepreneurs frequently find themselves asking if a merchant account is what they need or if they need a private payment system (a "PPS").

Merchants may think that fees associated with merchant accounts and PPS systems would be the most distinguishing characteristic. But while fees charged by the companies are important to consider, issues such as the payment process, the privacy of transaction data, dispute resolution, fraud protection and general credibility are equally important for any merchant to consider. There are several differences between what can be offered by a merchant account and the PPS system.

Merchants have a considerable disadvantage. It is very challenging for merchants to understand enough about credit card processing to negotiate fair and reasonable deals. There is an information advantage held by sales people in the industry that is terribly difficult for merchants to overcome. Not only is the industry fundamentally very complex, most providers don't seem the least bit inclined to make it any easier.

There are very few barriers to entry and little industry regulation. Stock brokers and life insurance sales people are required to become licensed and abide by a strict code of conduct or face serious penalties. Those in the payment processing business are not required to obtain any licenses or certifications and the only governing body that ever really gets involved is the FTC, which only addresses the most egregious cases. So as you can imagine, it's a bit like the Wild West and you get some interesting characters that are attracted to the industry.

Processors provide transaction services to banks that issue credit cards and to merchants that accept credit card payments. Merchant products include authorizing, capturing, and settling merchants' credit and debit card transactions, and handling chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when a consumer disputes a charge and charges it back to the merchant. Card issuer products include transaction authorization and posting, statement generation and printing, and card embossing.

Large processors such as First Data Corporation and Total System Services provide services to both sides of the transaction. Small processors typically offer either merchant or card issuing services, and may specialize in particular vertical markets such as credit unions or retail cards.

Merchant accounts, credit card processing, and integrated payment technology are iMerchant International's core business. Our merchant solutions are easily customized for businesses of different sizes and budget limitations. We offer merchant processing options to include ecommerce shopping cart systems, automated recurring transactions, ACH check conversion, and much more. As a single-source merchant services provider, we have everything you need to accept all major credit cards and process your payment transactions directly into your merchant account with the overall lowest cost available in the industry.

Payment Processing