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What are your ecommerce presence needs?

In today's aggressive online market, simply accepting Pay Pal and Google Checkout isn't enough. Get on the same playing field as your competitors. Give your business a more professional, established and credible appearance by accepting ALL major credit cards and debit cards directly from your store. Without the intervention of third parties, iMerchant International Financial Services increases the credibility of your online store while helping to increase your conversion rate!

If you have an online business, iMerchant International provides you with the PC and Internet Solutions you need to process payments at virtually any location.

Our latest PC and Internet technology solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition with secure online transactions, and turn your existing computer equipment into a payment processing terminal.

One of the most critical decisions business owners have to make is how they are going to process payments from their website. Entrepreneurs frequently find themselves asking if a merchant account is what they need or if they need a private payment system (a "PPS"). Merchants may think that fees associated with merchant accounts and PPS systems would be the most distinguishing characteristic.

While fees charged by the companies are important to consider, issues such as the payment process, the privacy of transaction data, dispute resolution, fraud protection and general credibility are equally important for any merchant to consider. There are several differences between what can be offered by a merchant account and the PPS system.

iMerchant International credit card processing solutions include everything you need to get started quickly and process online payments securely and in complete confidence. As part of these solutions iMerchant International offers both merchant account and 3rd party account for all types of eBusinesses. Through our extensive network of relationships with ISO's and their acquiring banks, we are able to provide even high-risk merchants with their own merchant accounts.

iMerchant International provides a payment platform allowing you to clear all major credit cards. Within a few hours you could be accepting all major credit cards! Contact us now and find out why we are the new leader in E-Commerce processing!

Features include:

  • XML API interface or hosted order page
  • Acceptance of the main credit card types
  • Secure Server (under SSL certificate)
  • Complete products, services and membership management
  • Customized shopping cart and order page design
  • Integration, reporting and password management tools
  • Every country is welcome
  • Fraud Protection System

More and more merchants are taking advantage of the powerful credit card processing software products available to them. There are systems for virtually any type of processing environment from retail stores to websites.

Contact one of an iMerchant sales representative today to explore the options available which will best accommodate your credit card processing needs. We will consult with you to develop the most wholesome processing solution and ensure the most flexibility to expand your ecommerce presence and payment processing options.

Payment gateways are a type of credit card processing software which is hosted by a third party on a server outside of your business. Your shopping cart, or other payment software, communicates with the payment gateway via the internet and it manages the actual transactions.

iMerchant International provides integration with several payment gateways including:

  • Bill 1st
  • LinkPo International
  • VeriSign
We also offer our own turn-key solutions, which have all the features, flexibility and compatibility standard to these products. Whether you have an internet-based business or a mobile business, iMerchant International has your solution.

Ensure you have the right software to support your payment needs. Our expert technical engineers will provide you with your best options.

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